Keyword Research

Keyword research is the single most fundamentally relevant concept from an SEO and digital marketing perspective.  In fact, it’s extremely difficult to execute an effective Internet marketing campaign without it.

The process begins with deep analysis of industry keyword searches related to the services offered by your company and your website.  While the initial list of keyword phrases searched on this topic are fairly obvious, the research process will include analysis of keywords that are standard in the industry, which will lead to uncovering the many other ways that people are searching the web for services and information that is relevant to your business.

The purpose of this phase of the research process is multi-faceted.  The main benefit is the knowledge gained as to how the target audience is searching on Google to find what they’re looking for.  Once we understand how your prospective customers use the Web, we will be able to create a strategy to increase awareness and leads by optimizing the site to rank in search engines for the appropriate keywords.  Another outcome from the keyword research is the fact the hidden opportunities will be uncovered in the respect that there are lesser known keyword phrases that people are querying – they are valuable despite the fact that they are usually considerably lower in search volume than the more prevalent phrases, as they are usually less competitive and are often easier to rank for organically.  This is especially more likely to be the case for geographically specific keywords.

Yet another equally valuable asset that results from the keyword research is the fact that once this phase is completed, we gain a clearer understanding of the problems to which people search the Web for solutions to.  Understanding the problems people are looking to solve will allow us to create and/or optimize existing content to better serve this purpose and meet the needs of this audience.  Not only will this give the your website a better chance to rank in search engine results for the targeted keywords, it also allows us to provide a better user experience to the site’s visitors, which increases the likelihood of a conversion.