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Linkbuilding is the act of passively or actively seeking links from other sources on the Web to point to your site.  The number of links that point to your site from relevant, authoritative sources, as well as the links your site received from trusted resources such as industry directories and social media platforms all influence how well your site will achieve favorable search engine rankings for desired keywords.  This is even more true if you also have an authoritative presenceon the Web.

Linkbuilding (also referred to as ‘backlinking’) as a facet of Internet marketing and search engine optimization has  evolved over the past few years.  While it’s still very relevant today and likely will be for the foreseeable future, linkbuilding is an activity that needs to be approached with a certain level of caution.

Several years ago, Google publicly acknowledged that ‘inbound links’ were a significant ranking signal in Google’s search algorithm (source).  In a nutshell, inbound links were viewed by Google as ‘votes of confidence’, and the more links a site had pointing to it, the better it tended to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) for desired keywords.

Predictably, when this became public knowledge, people developed ways to game the system.  Thousands of services all across the Web popped up – link farms we called them.  And they were just that – directories you could subscribe to for a fee to get links published on those sites – therefore increasing the number of links pointing to your site.  This of course became a problem for Google, since the number of inbound links a particular site had accumulated in and of itself was becoming less reliable as a ranking signal.

Eventually, Google began penalizing sites that had been so egregiously gaming the system, as well as those providing the service.  MoxieMen Incorporated can proudly claim that we have NEVER had a client receive a penalty from Google because of unscrupulous linkbuilding efforts – although we have had the unfortunate experience of cleaning up the messes left behind by other service providers.

Linkbuilding is no longer a numbers game.

Linkbuilding is still relevant today as a discipline of Internet marketing.  However, the landscape has shifted dramatically.  Some examples of modern linkbuilding are:

Linkbuilding has become more of an effort in earning links.  This can be done through relevance and cultivating an authoritative presence on the Web, as well as through establishing relationships with influential industry publications, blogs, etc.  Every situation and business is unique, so it’s important to formulate a strategy to improve your link profile before jumping in with both feet.

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