WordPress websites and other sites that are developed on content management systems (CMS) are designed so that the routine tasks required to maintain a website can be handled by a business owner or a member of your team.   Examples of these types of activities can include:

It’s important to keep up on these things for a variety of reasons.  Keeping the WordPress platform and plugins updated to their most current versions is critical because as Web technologies improve and progress, older programs and code needs to be updated for security, compatibility and functionality reasons.

Content needs to be added and improved over time for the benefits of your visitors.  Content needs to be updated to ensure that your site contains accurate information, and the consistent addition of content is paramount to establishing authority for search engine optimization.

While it’s possible for you as a business owner, or a member of your team to handle these types of things internally, often that isn’t ideal.  Finding time to craft new content, update existing content and remembering to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of properly maintaining a website can be challenging.  For this reason, we offer webmaster services to take these things off your plate.

The webmaster services we have to offer vary by project, and are determined based on the needs of the client.  This can include writing blog posts for your site, creating pages, rewriting existing content for freshness and SEO purposes, maintaining your site, etc.